Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ZOE, English Bulldog
Sometimes beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

Its been a really busy month and I'm very grateful that my business has grown in spite of a sluggish economy.  I appreciate each and every client that has had me capture their dog in oils!  I completed roughly fourteen paintings during the month of November, and I'm due for a little resting of my eyes!!  I am so grateful also for the help of a wonderful webmaster and friend in California named Lorri Collins, who has generously shared her knowledge with me in growing my web presence.  She also does gorgeous digital portraits.... so check out her site!  
This year will bring many changes to my life, including a move from my home of 20 lots going on, but I plan on continuing to focus on the portraits, working hard at my life long dream of learning to play jazz piano, and finding time to travel and paint plein air too!!


  1. Debbie Carland PurdyDecember 22, 2010 at 5:36 PM

    And you are off to a great start my friend.I am with you on the travel bit and would love to join you on a painting endeavor. I am hoping to see you tomorrow! Debbie

  2. Your dog portraits are fantastic, full of character - looking forward to seeing what comes next :-)

    Toni (Wildlife artist and owner of a much-loved 16 year old bearded collie / labrador cross!)