Tuesday, January 11, 2011


OK, time to get back to posting after the holidays.  I had a wonderful holiday season, painted LOTS of doggies, and managed to get them all delivered by Christmas!  I have four dogs to deliver this month, and so far, I'm on track.

I'm working on the largest dog portrait I've painted to date.  A 30x40 portrait of a Rottie named Kelly.  Kelly passed away recently, and her owners wanted something painted that will have a real presence in the room, as if Kelly was right there with them. 

I started the painting a few weeks ago, and after looking at it for several days, I decided that Kelly was too small on the canvas.  There would be too much background and not enough Kelly.  I wish I had figured that out sooneer, but at any rate, the first painting was put aside.  I started another and I'm much happier with it.  Because of the large size of this piece, I am working differently than I usually do.  I normally will approach the entire painting at once.... pretty much keeping the entire painting at the same level of "doneness".  But I decided on this one, it would be best to tackle each part of the body separately. 

I started with the head, figuring once that was done, or at least mostly done, I could feel confident of completing it by my deadline of January 31st.  I think I will be on track. 

So here's the start of the piece..... Kelly's head!  Still needs some final punches of light and detail, but for the most part it's done............I'll be sending an image to her owners for approval, because as good as it might look to anyone else, only they will know for sure if it's really Kelly!